Euromedic is experience

The origin of Euromedic was One Day Clinics where procedures in the field of vascular surgery and ophthalmology were performer (1995-2002). The next step in the dynamic development was the creation of the Department of Special NZOZ EuroMedic and organization of medical services in the context of vascular surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedics, gynecology, dermatology. Following stage of development was to create EuroMedic Medical Center in Katowice, ul. Kosciuszko 92, which greatly expanded the range of services provided by outstanding professionals using the latest technology. It is thanks to the passion and determination from a small doctor’s office into a modern hospital located in the center of Katowice numbering 3.5 thousand m2 was founded.

Of importance of this place decided not surface but the range of performed medical services which are comparable to the largest public hospitals in the region. In EuroMedic huge emphasis is placed on quality and comprehensiveness of treatment.

EuroMedic is also a recognized center in the world and a pioneer in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency in patients with MS.

We are the first in Poland and the world’s third clinic that performs treatments vein patency in patients with MS (Multiple Sclerosis, MS), additionally suffering from chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency – CCSVI).

So far in our clinic for more than 1,700 patients underwent venous patency (Liberation Procedure).

In our center we also run clinical research and training for medical staff. EuroMedic organizes numerous national and international conferences.

Hospital EuroMedic performs treatments and medical diagnostics in the field of vascular surgery, cardiology, cardiac surgery, ophthalmology, general surgery and orthopedics.

In order to maintain the highest safety standards in the clinic, department of anesthesiology and intensive care and cardiac intensive care unit were developed.

The hospital operates a 24 hour Department of Diagnostic Imaging (CT, MRI, X-ray). Patients may benefit from the laboratory and pharmacy.

Patients with invasive diagnostic and operational – in particular in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery – remain under the professional care of doctors and nurses, reacting immediately to any emergency.

We surround our patients’ with care from initial diagnosis, through treatment or surgery to monitor the health status after hospitalisation.